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Welcome to Corona-cation!

I was away with my family for spring break when my school announced that break would be extended by a week, as a result of COVID-19. At that news, I was ecstatic! Another week of vacation? No school? Sign me up! After that extra week, another announcement came saying that we’d have at-home learning for 2 more weeks and hopefully return to school. Then it was for another month. Eventually, it become clear that we were not returning to school. At first, online school was nice because I could control my learning schedule. But soon enough, each week became a list of 12 assignments to be finished and little learning was happening. I’m usually more of an ambivert so I was okay with being alone. But after spending over a month at home trapped with my family… I was ready to escape!

The implications of COVID-19 are vast. It has taken away many opportunities for the summer, but I think this time can be used well. For the first time we’re getting a long time away from school or work; essentially it's vacation if you look at it in positive light! Just months earlier, I’d been wishing I just had some time to organize my room, set up and get some personal things done. Well, now I have time to do that.

Yes, this time is stressful and uncertain but it doesn’t have to totally suck. For example, now that I can’t do my normal extracurriculars, I have more time to spend with God, watch movies with my family, and exercise. In addition, I’ve been able to do more volunteer work from the comfort of my home like joining an online prayer group. Once the pandemic is over, we may not get another opportunity to be at home with your families or have so much time for ourselves. SO, use this time to your advantage!

When life gives you lemons….or in our case a global pandemic, make something out of it! Use this time to complete things you wouldn’t have had the chance to do. Go on walks, have game night, meditate, do bible study, pray for a friend, smell the roses! This quarantine will only be as good, as you make it :)

I've decided to start blogging. What are you going to do?


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