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For Those Who Are Struggling

Thank you for tuning in! During this pandemic, mental health illnesses have been on the rise. This week's message is by Tim Denning, who has some powerful words for people struggling.

"When my life took a nasty turn for the worse, one thing saved me: the realization that I had to become more. Once you acknowledge where you are at, and decide to become more, little changes start to occur inside of you. For me, I was struggling because I hadn’t become a person worth knowing. I let every vice, bad habit and temptation take over my life.You are capable of so much, and you can bring about phenomenal change in this world if you just let go. Let go of your fear, how you’re perceived by others, your fake social media lifestyle, your too cool for school image, and anything else that is not serving you. Alone we are small. Together we are united and capable of doing anything. Who are you surrounded by? Who has your back? If you’re struggling, then the answer is probably no one or very few people. To come back from adversity, you have to bring others in to assist you. No fire lasts forever, and that’s the same with your struggle. The goal is not to avoid struggle, but to bring others into the fight and win a united battle. You’re capable of so much more than the current standards you are living too. If all I manage to do is get you to acknowledge the struggle, and agree not to dismiss it, then I’ve won."


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